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PromoBanner1A hot air balloon can be a giant attention capturing multi-media vehicle. A corporate balloon will be a colorful, billboard used to generate interest in your company. By flying or just inflating a balloon in key locations, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of potential customers will see and remember your balloon and your company. This visibility is the best way to build name recognition and increase your customer base.

Not only do advertising balloons develop awareness and interest, they are also capable of generating desire and action in almost any target audience regardless of a person’s age, income, gender, or occupation. Everyone is always in awe over seeing a hot air balloon. Companies such as ReMax, Ocean Spray, Pepsi, Coke, Burger King, Ben & Jerry’s, Disney, and many more have adopted hot air balloons to promote their companies.

Hot air balloons are a very successful means of advertising mainly because of the amount of visibility they get for the cost of an active hot air balloon program. Why not optimize the skies? In what other way could your company name be as difficult to miss or as impossible to ignore?

People are bombarded with countless television and print advertisements, but when potential consumers see your corporate balloon, they are not likely to forget the experience, as they might overlook a television commercial or print ad.

Hot air balloon programs are flexible and can be used in many potential marketing activities such as trade shows, corporate functions, national and international events, festivals. The can also be utilized in building relationships with key clients or future clients. Your corporate hot air balloon could be used by itself for an advertising campaign or as part of an existing or new innovative advertising program.

Hot air balloon events are popular throughout the world. Thousands of people flock to balloon events to watch colorful balloons ascend into the sky. By taking part in events, there is a good chance your balloon will appear in television, newspaper, and radio promotions publicizing the event with no cost for that advertising.

In addition to their usefulness in advertising, hot air balloons are used extensively for corporate events, employee recognition programs, and corporate parties. A hot air balloon program can also be beneficial for public relations by offering outreach educational programs to schools and colleges in communities where your businesses are located.

What if you travel to a balloon event, but the weather is not safe for a flight? There are several options to think about in this case. A chase vehicle is another integral part of a corporate hot air balloon. A chase vehicle provides you the advantage of a rolling billboard wherever the balloon is on tour. If the weather at the time of an event does not allow for balloon operations, the product’s name and logo are still visible to spectators.

Other options to consider in addition to a chase vehicle include a cold inflatable balloon that matches your full size corporate balloon that can be inflated and displayed no matter what the weather conditions. Other promotional items such as stickers, trading cards, and even typical items like pens and stress balls can be handed out to potential customers, kids, and landowners.

The pictures below show a few of the companies who already utilize hot air balloons for advertising programs.

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There are many options to be considered when putting together a customized corporate hot air balloon program for your company. Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons, Inc has the experience and our 100% safety record speaks for itself. Your company can get involved as much or as little as you like in customizing your corporate balloon program. We would like to become your corporate balloon program operating and management company. Together, we can develop a successful and exciting advertising campaign.

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