Ballooning Safety


Pilot Certification

  • Balloon pilots are certified by the FAA, in the same manner as airplane pilots. Pilots must take formal flight instruction, pass written and practical tests, and be re-examined periodically.

Equipment Safety

  • Balloons are aircraft and, as such, are regulated by the FAA. They must meet manufacturing standards and are subject to periodic inspections, just like a commercial jetliner.

Passenger Instruction

  • All passengers will be verbally and visually briefed prior to liftoff.
  • Are you or anyone in your party pregnant?  For the safety of you and your unborn child Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons, Inc. and it’s insurance providers prohibit flight if you are pregnant.  We will be glad to schedule a flight with you after your child has been born.  If you have any questions please to not hesitate to contact us.


  • No Smoking once you have arrived at the launch site.
  • Ask questions
  • Take pictures
  • If asked to help, please advise us if you cannot due to a physical condition.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, tell us before inflation begins.

Pre-flight preparations

  • During a pre-flight check on the basket and fuel system the burner will be operated several times. Be ready and don’t let it startle you.
  • Do not walk on the balloon once it is stretched out on the ground.


  • A large fan will be used to fill the balloon with cold air. Do not stand along side it.
  • During inflation be aware of the balloon’s movements (it could roll a little). Stand clear of the basket, inflator fan, and tie-off lines.
  • While the balloon is inflating, feel free to take pictures. If you would like your picture next to the balloon or basket, our crew will try our best to accommodate you.
  • When ready, the pilot will add heat and the balloon will begin to stand up.
  • Once the balloon has started to stand up, be near the basket and ready to board.


  • When cleared to board, follow directions from the pilot or crew.
  • If assistance is required, our crew will be glad to help you.
  • Once boarded stay in the basket at all times with both feet on the floor.
  • Find the rope handles for holding during flight and landing.
  • Keep all hands and arms inside the basket at all times.
  • Do not touch any fuel lines, tanks, valves, instruments, or control lines.


  • Takeoff is a critical time during the flight. Please give the pilot your undivided attention.
  • Throughout the flight, please help the pilot look for power lines and other obstacles.
  • If you ask a question, but the pilot does not respond right away, ask again; the pilot may have been concentrating on flying.
  • Some condensation occurs on the burner during flight and may drip. It’s not a fuel leak.
  • It’s common for the pilot to “tickle” the tops of the trees, especially before landing. This is safe, however protect yourself from tree limbs that may scratch you or come in contact with your eyes.


  • Landings are the most critical part of ballooning. Your pilot will give you instructions if the landing may be fast or bumpy.
  • The pilot will indicate the beginning of the landing sequence. Stow all cameras and accessories prior to landing.
  • If the wind has picked up during flight, the pilot may drag the basket through tree tops to slow the balloon down before coming into the field for landing. If the winds are slow, the pilot may use the trees a little to help get into a safe landing spot.
  • During landing, face the direction of flight, hold on in two places (the uprights and rope handles), keep legs shoulder width apart, feet flat on the floor, and slightly bend the knees.
  • DO NOT grab fuel hose, burners, or any lines.
  • Be prepared for the balloon to bounce or skid upon landing.
  • Keep head, arms, and hands inside the basket at all times.
  • If the basket tips, do not put your hands forward outside the basket, they could get pulled under the basket.
  • Hold on tightly until the balloon comes to a complete stop.
  • Be respectful of property owners.
  • Listen and obey the directions of the pilot at all times.

We want you to enjoy your experience. Our safety record is excellent and we believe these tips will help you have a safe and memorable experience.

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